Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coming to the end

         John chapter 12 is about the end of the public ministry of the Lord Jesus. John records the words of Jehovah's servant as a summary of the work of three years among the people.

       In the Jewish history, various warriors had risen up, seeking to throw off the Roman occupation of the land. John the apostle makes it clear that Jesus of Nazareth is both different and distinguished from such. This distinction reaches crisis  point when the crowd, including the Jewish leaders are asked - 'Barnabas or Jesus?  - they chose Barnabas who represented insurrection against the Romans, even though he had robbed and murdered in his efforts. Jesus by contrast was not against the system, but against sin and evil in every person and system! (7.7)
   These concluding verses -  12:44-50 summarize the purpose, person and claims of this Jesus. It is full, and to human minds, astounding.

    Verse 44 - Believing in Jesus equates with believing in God !
      Verse 45 - To see Jesus is to see God the Father who is invisible !
         Verse 46 He claims His mission to be 'light-bearing'. Not as John the Baptist who was a burning out lamp, but Jesus is the Lord  and Light from heaven.
     Verse 47  The ambition of His light-bearing was not so much to expose sin, although that is inevitable,  rather to lead people by light to God ( to be saved ).
       Verse 48  In confirmation of John 3, the light that can bring so much blessing, if refused becomes the point of judgement. John 5 reveals who the judge will be on the last day.
          Verse 49  Ultimate authority is now claimed for the words and sayings of the Lord. Moses could relay God's words ('thus says the Lord').  Jesus speaks Gods words!
      Verse 50   Receiving or rejecting His words brings life or death. The intention of God revealed in His Son is to impart life, eternal life  -  'this life is in His Son!'

I must ask you the reader - do you have the real thing - life eternal?
   or may I put it this way -  Do you have the Son?

Your eternity depends on it !

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