Friday, April 16, 2021

The Psalms - prayer book, song book


In my recent meditations in the Psalms, I discovered that the greatest danger in life for the songwriter, were not wild animals, (for David the shepherd faced many of these), the real dangers were people! David the songwriter faced lions and bears, but it was the cruel persecutors, the betrayers, the misunderstanding relatives, the jealous enemies that wanted to kill him – these were the repeated subject of his prayers.

So it is today- the danger is not wild animals, it is rather the addictive screens (designed by people to seduce), the self centred friend (manipulative instead of loyal), the God despising relative (who turns others away from God's way), the Lord Jesus denying religion (people promoting other doctrines) etc. These are the real dangers that we so often fail to see.


Friday, April 9, 2021

In times like these we need an anchor


Life has so many twists and turns. Our world has become very unpredictable and uncertain. Society is crumbling morally. Relationships are no longer secure. Health systems are failing. Without God , who can find hope in the future?

All  this makes the Bible so much more meaningful. I wonder how much you read it? – read it to find God, read it to find purpose and hope? Read it to know the right way in life?

The Bible has God's message for all situations.

God is so great, we can trust Him to carry through on His plans.

-         Plans for the nations to learn that they can't have peace without Him!

-         Plans to reveal Jesus, the once crucified Son of God

God is so relational that He chooses to love, to liberate, to lift those who feel their need of Him. His promises are sufficient to enable the believer to be an overcomer in this present evil world.

God is not defeated by the progress of evil. Rather, He is angry with the wicked every day. He is seeking the lost with great patience. He laughs at the haughty rebellion world leaders. He is giving up those who don't want to know Him, giving them up to the consequences of their own sin.

In the midst of this, God has a multitude of His own people, His own sheep that love  Him, live for Him and hope in Him. To them Jesus Christ is so precious, that the present troubles are the evidences of God at work.

Do you know Him as the Good Shepherd?

Seek Him today . Jesus said "Come to Me all you who labour and carry heavy burdens. I will give you rest."  Matthew 11

"The LORD is my shepherd I shall not want"  Psalm 23