Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Bible has been treated as a book of literature, as a book of rules, as a book of history, a book of examples etc and all this is true yet as such it remains only a book. The word that is important, as we navigate through the 66 books, is the word "revelation". More than revealing the journey of humanity, it is rather God revealing Himself to His creatures, His people. This revelation comes in various ways - creation, prophetic utterance, writings upon stone, the experiences of people etc
The initial illumination to Adam and Eve became obscured, but God did not give up. He revealed His personal relationship with Abraham. He revealed His holy character through the law given to Moses. He displayed His great mercy in the person of King David. He outline His wrath against idols in the writings of Iasiah.

Beautifully interwoven in all these Old Testament revelations, is the glimpes of the coming Messiah. And when He came, as none other, He 'revealed' the Father. To read the Gospels just as biographies of Jesus is to miss much of the moral intent of God being revealed. By the Holy Spirit, the apostles were taking off more of the wrappings to reveal the glories of the Son of God

Finally John glimpses the revelation of God as revealed in the Lamb, the consumator of the ages.

This is no ordinary book. Let us pray ' Lord open my eyes to see you in these pages'