Friday, September 28, 2018

The return of Jesus Christ

Most Christians are happy to think that the Lord Jesus Christ will return and put things right.

But I ask the important question – what do we want to see achieved by His coming?

I will give a list and you can decide:

1             Set Christians free from pain and suffering.
2            Establish justice in the world.
3            Take revenge for persecuted Christians.
4            Raise those who have died.
5            Restore Israel to faith in the Messiah.
6            Remove all unbelievers.
7            Establish His throne in Jerusalem
8            Vindicate God as creator and judge.
9            Reward faith and faithfulness.
10         Declare to all, that Jesus is the Son of God.
11          Wipe away all tears of grief and sorrow.
12         Judge all sin, violence, blaspheme, rebellion etc
13         .......................................
14         ................................................................

Each one of us should stop and consider the answer – is it ourselves we are thinking of, or is it others, or is it the Lord!
My personal answer is :- I long to see the rejected Lord Jesus vindicated as the Son of God, the true Messiah, the only Saviour for the world.

“Amen ,  even so come Lord Jesus”

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Mark 12

Mark 12

In chapter 11, the Lord has presented Himself to Israel at the right time   (Daniel 9),   in the right place (Jerusalem),   in the right manner ( on a donkey).
A crowd rightly received Him, but the leaders of the Jews rejected Him saying ‘Who is this’. Likewise they rejected His forerunner  - John the baptiser.

Mark 12:
1   By a  parable He identifies Himself as the “Son”.

2   In answer to the tax question, He presents scriptural wisdom.

3    Responding about the resurrection – He unveils His intimate knowledge of heaven.

4   The response to the question of the scribe, brings to the fore His full knowledge of the Old Testament scripture  and the ultimate meaning of life.

5   By quoting Psalm 110, He claims to be greater than king David, yet heir to David’s throne , yea rather a greater throne. King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I recommend you read this chapter through and see the objective teaching of the glory of the Lord.

John McKee

Friday, September 7, 2018

Who is God

Who is this God that has loved the whole world?

In the book of the Revelation His glory and grace are beautifully combined:
Alpha and Omega  (the beginning and end of Divine revelation)
Beginning and end  (the original cause and final culmination of all created things)
Who gives the water of life freely (the only source of true life and eternal life)
“I will be his God and he shall be my son” ( Although so great, this God chooses to connect and relate to us creatures as family)

Much more is revealed of His holy judgements, His brilliant throne, His multivaried attendants, but the most breathtaking revelation is the mighty one coming out of the throne -  the Lion who appears as the Lamb. He indeed is the representative of God to us humans. He is God’s Son, the Word, the Christ.  He said of Himself “I am Jesus”!

Trust Him today