Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beginnings - purpose

Where did we come from?

Does it matter??  Yes it is important  - this gives us identity, purpose and hope – or it should.
If this world came into existence as an accidental explosion , developing over billions of years without the influence of any intelligence or design, how has it arrived at such a finely tuned earth. Scientists acknowledge how finely tuned earth is for life to exist. The amount of gravity, the composition of the atmosphere, the heat from the sun are all just right. The complexity of the DNA that controls all living things is astounding. The DNA checking mechanisms that prevents mutations is brilliant. Some scientists state ‘total entropy always increases and the process is irreversible.’ (Wikipedia) What is ‘entropy?’ – the measure of disorder (Wikipedia)

What am I saying? It is much easier to believe that the present world was designed, created and maintained in functioning order.

Consider a human, smarter than a computer, creative in so many ways, relational , more than a chemical collection,  etc.  Could it be that we are the result of random accidents and endless evolutions. This gives no sense of purpose other than to survive and no hope beyond animalistic sensual satisfaction.

The option

Is there someone out there who has a purpose for humanity? Is there a future worth striving for?  Is the universe improving or is it in a state of entropy (demise) from a well ordered beginning?
The Bible as a compass is unashamed to present God as that someone who designed, who created and who maintains the world in which we live. He planned humans to be like himself – intelligent, relational, creative, etc.  Most of all He intended humans to connect with Him. This is the sad record of Bible history – humanity so often chooses to be independent of this spirit being (God )  who was the architect  of it all. Yet the same historical record, tells of God interacting with many individuals through the many years.

Jesus Christ confirmed our origin “He who created them from the beginning made them male and female.” ( Matthew 19.4)
Peter confirmed God as a living , reliable creator – “let those who suffer according to God’s will, entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.”  (1Peter 4.19) Notice in this is consolation, purpose and hope.
Paul's letter to the Romans begins with a very sad outline of ‘entropy’  - humanity rejecting the creator and descending into idolatry, immorality and eventually death.

Praise God that He has interrupted the course of human history by sending His Son on a rescue mission.

By HIM _The Lord Jesus Christ – all can be reconciled to God!

Try reading the Bible as a history book  - you may be surprised how much it makes sense!

John McKee

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Questions worth pondering.

Where have we come from?

Where are we headed to?

What is the purpose of life?

How should we live?

Is life a brief journey without rules, without purpose, without destiny?

Maybe you would like to sent me your answers!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Life's meaning

The true meaning of life.

It has been written – ‘To know God and enjoy Him forever’

Yes, but how does this relate to everyday life?

An example ;- By ‘casting all your care upon Him’, one can enjoy the peace of trusting in His sovereign greatness. He is able to intercept and control the circumstances of life if we invite Him. What a joy it is to see God at work in our lives. This is greater than self achievement.

After years of study, years of hard work, years of gathering possessions, years of connecting with others, I have concluded that the real meaning of life is, connecting with God.
The promise holds true :- “Seek Him and you will find Him, when you seek Him with all your heart. It may be rare, but it is very rewarding to take the time, the effort, the money, the dedication, the humility in seeking God. Oh  the joy when God speaks, when God acts and we know it was Him.
The Lord Jesus said “We ( Father , Son and Holy Spirit) will come to him and make our abode with him” (John 14). This promise of conditional love is not out of reach. The Lord of glory makes this promise to all who love Him and obey His commands. The reality of the Divine presence is worth more than all the possessions of earth.
Paul prayed this prayer for others :- “that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith”. Above his many desires for others, this gives true meaning to life. By comprehending the incomprehendable love of God in Christ, one finds true identity. To discover that I am a disciple “whom Jesus loves” , give real meaning to life and eternity.

There are those cherished moments, like a passing sunset, that causes us to sing ‘Hallelujah’. Caring for God’s creation can give meaning to life. Connecting with family is a worthy motive in life . But best of all is to enjoy God’s fatherly care. By looking up and looking forward we can claim the victory of redemption and say “Abba Father”

Enoch and Abraham both had this distinction in life :- ‘They walked with the Lord.’
Paul was willing to sacrifice everything, ‘that he might know Christ, the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings.’
Peter wrote of true maturity as being, full of selfless love in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To the unbeliever, these things may seem superficial and unreal. In the purpose of the creator, these unseen realities are the underlying powers for a good and fulfilled life. Not only this life, but also the life to come.

I do trust that you my reader have come to know God through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Let your life find meaning by getting to Know Him. This is eternal Life begun on earth.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A king who was a priest


This man in Bible history seems to come from nowhere and then disappear to nowhere.(Genesis 14). Yet in God’s accounting, quite a great man. What makes him significant?

1.   He is described as being like the Son of God (Hebrew 7.3)

2.    He is a priest. It is the greatest calling, the greatest occupation, the greatest privilege to interact intimately with God. Some of this involved presenting sacrifices to God, but also hearing God’s voice and knowing His will. As in the story of Genesis 14, he is able to invoke the blessing of God.

3.   He is a king. Each city seemed to have a king as leader. Yet Melchizedek is not involved in the conflicts of the region. He is more involved in leading the people to peace (Salem) with God, than conquering earth for dominion, glory or possessions.

4. He is great because in a simple way (bread and wine) he does a profound thing by blessing Abraham and blessing God.

5.  His priesthood stands eternal. Although Melchizedek doubtless died, the priesthood order was mentioned in Psalm 110 and declared eternal in God’s Son in Hebrews 7.

What can we learn from this ? This story is God giving a preview of the priestly appointment of Jesus at God’s right hand. And so it is that the Son of God interrupts our moments of distraction and stress, with a simple thing – Himself and a blessing from the Lord. Sometimes through the Bible, or a text, or maybe some believer who like Melchizedek, gives a word of consolation and comfort when needed most.

“Blessed be Abram by God Most High
Possessor of heaven and earth
And blessed be God Most High”
Genesis 14:19

“In all your ways acknowledge HIM and He will make straight your paths.”

Be blessed and a blessing


Friday, January 12, 2018



The Bible gives some interesting insights into cities. Cities are the expression of human achievement and power. In early civilisation the people built Ziggurats to honour their building prowess as well as worship other gods. Even so today, the concrete jungles of ‘world class cities’ , is to the praise of  man, not the praise of God. Many people across the earth are unwilling to live in the world that God made. Some are afraid of evil spirits and so congregate in villages for protection. Others are afraid of the animals of nature. Many do not appreciate the beauty and value of the world that God made.

God has been one for making gardens. First the garden of Eden and last the garden in the heavenly Jerusalem. He invites all to study and admire and enjoy the wonders of His craftsmanship. Look into the face of a flower and smell the fragrance along with the marvellous ability to reproduce itself – who wrote the DNA code? – God. Let us give Him the glory!

History has many records of God interrupting the progress of city building. At the tower of Babel (Genesis 11), God confused the language of the people so that their idolatrous city building might stop. Jerusalem was laid waste because of an idol in the temple. Again Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans because the people rejected Jesus the Messiah. We could consider the overthrow of Rome , ancient Babylon, Pompey etc .
According to the book of Revelation, it will be a day of great calamity when the present Babylonian system of religion and commerce is destroyed.

What can we learn from history?

God made gardens to be places for us to enjoy, but more, places where we can draw closer to God. It was in the first garden that God came to Adam in the cool of the day, seeking fellowship with the man He had made. Even so today, it is one of the best places to settle the soul and find communion with God. The Lord Jesus Himself went away alone to the mountain to be alone with God.
God will build a city where the glory will be to God. Now God is encouraging believers to fellowship together, but the Bible records God scattering the believers from Jerusalem to the uttermost parts of the earth. He did not intend ‘mega churches’. Rather like a garden, He intended the Christians to reproduce like the flowers. The seeds being scattered far and wide, causing the garden to flourish.

Something very sad is happening in Australia. The younger generation are discouraged from stepping out into the world of nature and instead are given screens, games, computers etc. Thus the media, the entertainment gurus control their thinking and ultimately their lives. It is wise for parents to ensure that children have plentiful exposure to God’s world. And learn to live in harmony with it.

So much of the Bible is related to the ‘world of agriculture’ – eg sheep with shepherds, sowing seeds, harvest festivals, etc.  In this ‘ world ‘ we can learn so much about things as God intended .eg resurrection in the death and springing forth of a seed, quality of character in the structure of a tree, reproduction of each species.  Looking up we are caused to consider how small we really are compared to the sun, moon and stars. Watching the weather , teaches us how dependant we are on the God who controls the much needed rain.

Let us then, consider the works of God and give HIM the honour and the glory.

John McKee

Friday, January 5, 2018

A distant God? NO

"I dwell in the high and holy place,

and also with him who is of a contrite and lowly spirit

To revive the spirit of the lowly,

and to revive the heart of the contrite one."

Isaiah 57.15

A God who speaks, who draws near.



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Where to from here

As it was in the days of Noah..........

In these days of uncertainty, rumours of wars, the people are going about eating and drinking, lusting and living licentiously as if all was well. In reality the world is on the edge of moral, social, economic and international calamity.  This is just as the Lord said would happen just before the days of ‘great tribulation’. I am not into prophetic scaremongering, but it is very obvious to those with open eyes, that the world is in great turmoil very much as the Lord Jesus Christ foretold.

The other sign of the age is what Peter identified  - the people will say “Where is the promise of His coming?”   How few obey the command of the Lord Jesus - “be watchful, for you know not the day nor the hour of His coming”

For the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the present world happenings direct us to obey the last two verses of Hebrews 12

“Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be destroyed, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping Him with holy fear and awe. For our God is a consuming fire.”

May I encourage all, to refocus life in  God, giving Him the best of our time, the attention of our mind, the praise of our lips, the adoration of our hearts, the trust of faith and our best love, begotten of the Holy Spirit.