Sunday, February 7, 2021

Lord - Jesus - Christ


The names and titles of the Lord Jesus Christ - a cause for praise.

Jesus – His human name expressing His mission – The LORD saving His people from their sins.

Christ – The anointed one, promised in the Old Testament to save       the world by sacrifice and judgement.

Lord – The disciples always spoke to Him as Lord or Master

or Teacher- and so should we. "God has made this same Jesus     both Lord and Christ."

Son of God – He said " I came down from heaven"

The Father said ' This is my beloved Son" and so we  should worship Him.

Saviour – He didn't come to judge the world, but to save –"thank you Lord"

Redeemer _ He paid the price to set us free from Satan, sin and self

Reconciler – He offered Himself as a sacrifice to bring us back to God.

Advocate – each day He intercedes before God for us.

King – Born King of the Jews, now exalted at God's right hand, He is waiting for the day when He will be revealed as King of kings and Lord of lords. – 'even so come Lord Jesus.

Shepherd – The almighty always was caring for those who trusted Him. This is seen in the tender love of the Good Shepherd.


And much, much more:

Let us  receive Him

    "    Trust Him

       "   Serve Him

        "    Love Him

          "    Worship Him