Sunday, March 3, 2013

Concluding studies in John's Gospel

       Much could be written about the teaching of the Lord to His disciples (13,14,15,16) and the Lord's prayer (17) and the death and resurrection (19,20,21). Maybe another day.
     I trust that some readers of this page have been encouraged to read this part of the Bible with broad minded thoughts, observing the purpose of the writing. Word study is good, chapter study is good but we must not miss John's stated purpose - to inspire faith that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, and in believing to receive life eternal. (chapter 20:31). May all who read this page, take their place with the many in this Gospel narrative who believed Him, trusted Him, worshipped Him, obeyed Him and loved the Lord from heaven.

       It is good to link this Gospel with the other writings of John and pick up how relevant this is for today.

   Next blog?  Shall we look at Paul and his writings?    or navigate the Psalms?    or fix compass bearing through prophecy?
            Suggestions are welcome -
 The following extract is from the Believers Bible Commentary by William MacDonald (recommended)

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