Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Self esteem or God esteem

Search the scriptures

      Bible illiteracy is very real. In society in general, most have no accurate knowledge of the Bible – its stories, its history, its truths.

    Perhaps more tragic is the number of people claiming to be Christians yet don’t know the principles of the Christian Gospel. So many have imaginary concepts of God and some have unknowingly imbibed error.

One example: The problem of low self esteem. The world would say- ‘Focus on your strengths to build up your self image’, ‘don’t let others put you down’, ‘ be yourself’, ‘ you can do whatever you set your mind to’  etc. Some self made people are “successful” , but I find so many depressed, disillusioned failures often coved by a cloak of silence.

    Some Christians say ‘we need to get up and give it our best effort’ ( God helps those who help themselves). Others preach that ‘we should love ourselves as we love our neighbour’ and so pride is well established.
The compass of the Bible points in a different direction. – total distrust of oneself followed by total trust in the Lord.

      A careful reading of the book of Romans, opens our eyes to the hopelessness of trying to please God by our own effort, and clearly shows the hopelessness of self recovery without God. (see my previous articles on Romans).  The victory is described in Romans chapter 8 “Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” What has this to do with victory over discouragement?
       In spite of my unworthiness and inabilities, God loves me. (the Bible tells me so). This creates true identity – I am not some random collection of atoms without direction or purpose! I am loved intelligently by my creator, loved individually by Christ, the Saviour who died to make me one of His own special children. This love comes with His imparted talents, wisdom and motives. God’s love is not just a feeling. God’s love is first intelligent (He knows me). His love is spiritual ( He wants the best for me eternally). His love is sacrificial (He gives me the best at His cost). His love is practical (not pie in the sky theory) His love is holy ( not always just as we though it should be), His love is life changing ( to become like God in character, motive and action).

        So how do we know about God and His love?  -  not through a wandering imagination or from some clever orator, but rather through revelation. The Bible presents the many sides of God’s character – holy, just, commanding, forgiving, loving etc So we do well to read it, read it intelligently to know God.
John the apostle was very close to Jesus. He wrote from close experience the detail of the Son of God who showed us what real love was by dying for us (1 John 3.16) . Paul the apostle had much zeal to be busy for the Lord, but his greatest ambition was to know HIM (Philippians 3). Moses might be set aside as a lawgiver, but beyond many he was a prophet revealing God.

Let us search the scriptures again to find Christ revealing the true heart of God.  Instead of being self focused, be God focused.

You will not be disappointed

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