Friday, September 11, 2015

The discerning eye of God

Romans 2.17 -29

           The argument of Paul now touches religious hypocrisy. It is indeed commendable to read, study and teach the Bile truth. However when the teaching of God’s law becomes a matter of pride and conceit, then it often leads to the damning problem of hypocrisy i.e. teaching but not practising .

           The Lord Jesus identified this same problem when He advised the common people concerning the religious leaders ‘ do as they say (they sit in Moses seat), but don’t do as they do.’ Matthew 23.3 .   He described them as blind leaders of the blind. God’s judgement will be more demanding on these leaders since they have such brilliant light from God’s law yet do not keep it.

       Verses 25 – 29 Identifies the same problem in the ritual of circumcision . Jewish exclusiveness by circumcision has fostered national and religious pride, but the cross-examination has showed up that outward religious ritual without the corresponding inward reality is a sham. Indeed the argument goes so far as to say that the Gentiles who don’t know the ritual, yet keep God’s laws, whose hearts are changed by God’s Spirit, will be given the rights and honours of being God’s people!

  God knows the hearts
       God will reward the genuine.

No wonder He is called  “ a  Just God and a Saviour” 

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