Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Courtroom drama

Romans 1-5

Previously the court has been anxious as rebellion has been identified as leading to death and judgement.

The judge then looked to the sides of the court to expose those who justified themselves by criticising others. The he called in those who were teachers of the law, the lawyers, and condemned them for their hypocrisy – teaching but not practising. The courtroom was then silenced for the verdict -  all guilty.

A voice is heard  -  “ yes your honour, I am guilty and undone”

  To the surprise of the witnesses and guardians of justice, the judge rises from his chair and declares, ‘I have a solution to the problem. The penalty of death has been paid by another. I ask nothing more of the guilty one, than that he believe in the one who paid the price.’

The person in the dock is visibly changed. Distress is replaced with beaming relief. A tear of gratitude is seen on the face of the convicted person, as he looks across at the one who has pierced hands.

The judge is not finished yet. All the audience in the room are attentive as the judge responds.
      ‘I now give directions and motivation for the accused to live a different life. Clerk of the court, please make public the terms of release
1     Peace – the conflict is over.
2    Grace – provide inspiration and encouragement in suffering and temptation so that hope and love prevail.
3    Reconciliation - so that friendship can develop.
4    Security – ongoing support and protection by means of the presence of the one who paid the penalty.
5    Identity – Change the ID card from an Adam family, to the Jesus Christ family
Court is now adjourned  until the next sitting.

Try reading Romans 1,2,3,4,5 in the light of the above description and find the thrill of knowing God as Just and the Justifier of all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord.

John McKee

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