Saturday, August 22, 2015

God unchanging

Reconstructing God

      In a day when people are trying to reconstruct God , we do well to learn again the nature and character of the one true God.

         Is he like a big teddy bear in the sky who gives us everything  we want?   Is he some distant angry dictator who loves to make life difficult for us ?  Or is he just one of many gods who rule the world, imposing rituals for reward?  Or is he just like us – self centred and unreliable with an imaginary sense of significance?

        Well it is true there are many gods, worshiped and obeyed by many people. And the modern promotion of a new or an undiscovered god is not new.
          In this meditation I would like to assert the one true God as being the creator of all, by whom all things exist and for whom all things exist. He can be perceived through the creation, but has been deliberately revealed to the Israelite people through Moses and the prophets. Finally He has been revealed through Jesus Christ.

        The God of the Bible remains the same yesterday, and today and forever.
To gather just a few important details ;
   He is transcendent (above all things),
   He is interactive (communicating with people),
   He is indwelling ( By His Spirit connecting with our spirits),
   He is creator ( having sovereign authority over all yet giving freewill to      all ),
   He is Just ( Justice of the pure kind ),
   He is love ( Love that chooses to seek the best even for those          undeserving ),
   He is holy ( Not tainted in any way by error )............................and much   more.

Well we might respond with great awe –

             “Hallowed be Thy Name”

   To fear Him, to love Him, to know Him, to trust Him, to honour Him, to praise Him, to obey Him, our greatest  privilege and greatest responsibility.

Take time out today
   Let your heart run to Him

     Let your mind be open to His voice

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