Sunday, October 5, 2014

Compass pointing upward


Can we use the book of ‘the Revelation’ as our guide?

       I am deeply impressed by the first page of the book. More than being very descriptive, this is the very voice of God speaking. Such has been the interruptions of God from the beginning. In the beginning was the ‘Word’, and so it was that God spoke the universe into being. God called to Adam. God spoke to Cain. God spoke to Abram, Moses and many more.  This page, in the last book of Holy Scripture, is God speaking yet again.
He identifies Himself as distinct from every other voice, as the eternal one, the almighty, the alpha and omega (  beginning and end of communication)

     Verse 17.   John sees a man, more than a man and again the voice is heard  -  “I am the first and the last”  (beginning and end of all history)
     Verse18.   John hears the distinctive identity of this glorious one “ the living one, and I was dead and behold I am alive forevermore”

Thus is established the subject of the book  - Jesus, later described as the Lamb!

I pause to   ponder,      ..   ...   ... if I accept Jesus as risen, Jesus as exalted in heaven and ruler of the kings of the earth,   ...  ....   ..  then I reflect on the time of His life on earth with deep awe   --  Jesus the Son of God, in human form speaking the word of God.

May the living one by His abiding Spirit enable  you to hear again the voice of the Lord – “ Be not afraid, I am the first and the Last”

So to answer the original question, Yes we can use this book to guide us into a deeper worship of the living God and the heavenly revelation of Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords.
For those who love Him, we may well pray
“Even so come Lord Jesus”

J. McKee

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