Friday, July 4, 2014

The writings of Peter

1 Peter

This letter from the Apostle Peter is a brilliant compass for the journey from being lost, right into heaven itself. It is a great book of themes. To help my readers, I would like to trace some themes.
          It is a common mistake we all fall into  -  reading the Bible to find something for ourselves. Perhaps we will  begin by looking at what is in this letter “for God”!

Chapter 1, verse 1 and chapter 5:13 present God as choosing. How good it is to honour God as having the right to choose and the honour of always choosing wisely.
Verse 2 – He knows all things including the future, and by His spirit applies the blood of Christ to effect redemption, thus bringing the wandering people back to Himself.
Verse 3 – He is the happy, blessed God. He is distinguished as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He is working toward the objective in verse 7 – the revealing of Jesus Christ in glory. His purpose will not thwarted. Chapter 5.10 the glory of our Lord is assured.

          As we highlight the mentions of God our faith and hope is established in God, not ourselves or our circumstances. Ch1.21

Please read the chapter through again and then continue reading, highlighting the mentions of God and God at work. You will be blessed.

more later

John McKee

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