Monday, July 21, 2014

Devotional - the companionship of the Lord Jesus

The greatest companion

“ He drew near and went with them”  Luke 24:15

Nothing is more important in life than this ‘He went with them’  The companionship of the Lord Jesus Christ is possible by the power of the Holy Spirit in every believer. To be without God , without Christ is to be without hope  - living independent of Him.

So often we do not realise that HE is not far from every one of us. Many today are lonely, hiding, confused, disappointed, broken hearted, lost, stricken with guilt, depressed, disillusioned...............

In verse 38  of Luke chapter 24, Jesus asked why are you sad??????
The solution to the problem in this brilliant story, was Jesus the Messiah revealing Himself first in the Bible and then in person. You too my reader can find deep relief as you ‘set your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face........’

I would like for a moment to record some of God’s piercing questions that open to us causes of sadness.
Genesis 3 “Where are you?” Adam was HIDING because of wrong choices and disobedience to God.
                “What have you done?”  Eve BLAMED others , even though her problem stemmed from listening to the wrong voice.
Genesis 4  “Why are you angry?” Disgruntled with God’s way. Cain was angry that things turn out against him.

The wonder of it is that God came seeking all three. He did not turn away and forsake them . As it is today , God is still seeking the lost, waiting for all to turn to Him.

Another Question from the Lord “why do you spend money for that which is not bread......and does not satisfy?”  Isaiah 55
Well might we ask ‘Why are we here? What am I supposed to be doing?, Who cares?, Where will it end???
The Lord says “ Come, listen, hear, seek and in verse 12 this leads to Joy, Peace and Singing.

After you have read Luke 24, and glimpsed the glory of the once crucified Lord Jesus, read Psalm 23 and pause on the precious breathing of the dependant sheep
“for thou art with me......”    What can be greater than this – the abiding companionship of the Good, the great Shepherd.

Isn’t He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful
Eyes have seen , ears have heard
It’s recorded in God’s word
Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful

John Mckee

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