Sunday, December 29, 2013

God' point of view

From God’s point of view

           Peter said to the Lord Jesus “heaven forbid, this will never happen to you” Matthew 16.22NLT
The Lord responded “.... you are seeing things merely from a human point of view and not from God’s”.
       The difference is much the same as in a previous article written on the difference between spiritual and natural. We spent most of our life connecting with what is human. At school we learn about the physical world around us, the human society we live in, the method of human existence, and from this knowledge we asses and make decisions in life.
      So much of the life and teaching of the Lord Jesus was distinct from that human wisdom. The context of the verses quoted above, is in connection with the future of Jesus – would he develop his ministry of healing and teaching to become the greatest leader Israel had ever known? Peter thought so or at least hoped so. That is normal human reasoning although Jesus identifies it as springing from satan.
God’s point of view on the future of the Lord Jesus was different- the life of a servant who finally became the Saviour by dying as the rejected Messiah. By this He as the great Shepherd would gather to Himself a people for Himself from all nations. God’s point of view is humility before exaltation, suffering before glory.
       And so it did happen.
       Soon the lowly man called Jesus will be revealed as the King of kings and Lord of lords. Then He will gather together the millions of His redeemed ones.

So often we like Peter are short sighted  -  living for personal comfort and promotion. God grant all my readers, eyes to see the invisible, to live in the hope of eternal realities, to assess life from God’s point of view.

Perhaps some reader does not know the Lord. Seek Him today and according to His promise, you will find Him. Don’t be among the many who choose to be controlled by human perspectives or bad experiences. God is great, God is good and through the once crucified, now risen Lord Jesus He wants to share Himself with you.

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