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What a delight to find teenagers willing to work for the Lord Jesus

Young people's question 3.   

What can I do to serve the Lord?

The Lord Jesus said to some young people – "follow Me". One day they went with Him to the meeting place and there He did the Bible reading. Another day He was out in the community helping, healing, teaching. Then He led them to a lonely place where just one man needed freedom from demons. He gave them a clue to effective service – "I am meek and lowly in heart"

Young people often find it harder 'being a Christian" than "doing something for Christ". Zeal is good and often leads to experiences that develop maturity. So I seek to encourage teenagers to reach out for Jesus Christ our Lord. Some discover they can evangelise, others are better at encouraging.

Someone will ask: "Do I need to go to Bible school?" That can be helpful, but not essential. "Should I to work in some existing evangelism structure or church system?" That can be helpful but not always.  Paul the Apostle had a team. Phillip  was often alone.  George Muller involved many. Robert Chapman went alone.

As we choose to follow the master, He may lead us in unusual ways. Ours is to be ready unto every good work as Peter said:

"Worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if you are asked about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it. But you must do this in a gentle and respectful way." (1Peter 3:10)NLT

With gratitude to the Lord and others, I will tell you of my younger experiences. At age 17, away from home training  in Sydney, I helped at Sunday Schools in Migrant hostels, gave out Gospel leaflets in George Street, sat with the homeless men in the parks and invited them to the gospel meetings, purchased a printing press with my brother to print Gospel leaflets, visited a young man in the mental hospital who became a friend for life......  In my twenties I assisted in open air preaching, Sunday Schools indoors and in the parks, manufactured and distributed Bible plaques  at agricultural shows and markets.......... to God be the glory.

Oh so much opportunity there is for those willing to take up the cross and follow Jesus.

Young man, young woman in Christ, let me encourage you to live selflessly for Jesus Christ and for others, and let the Lord lead you.

Acts 20:24  " My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus' - Paul

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