Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Astounding revelations


Book Review – "The book that changed your world"  - Vishal Mangalwadi

This thick book is well written and very enlightening. The author uses extensive history research to show that the Bible is the basis for so many good things which we take as normal. (Not by church, not by religion).

Let me list some of the things he expands upon as being the outcome of the Bible becoming available to the common people.

Humanity – the value of every human as made n the image of God

Rationality – encouragement to think

Technology – inventing to achieve more

Revolution – the world changed by Bible translation

Language and  literacy – the power for democracy

University – to educate and lift the people

Science – discovering what God made

Morality – why some countries are less corrupt

Family – Bound together by the Bible

Compassion – caring develops medical research

Wealth – the responsibilities of stewardship

Liberty – true freedom flows from the Bible

Mission – bringing people together

The future – with or without the Bible

This brilliant book is a must read for every thinking person.  It has, in a different way confirmed my 55years of making the Bible available and known to the masses of humanity.

He finishes the book with a beautiful story from his home country – A 'Johns gospel' got into a headhunting tribe. After only five days of explanation, one convert sent his son into the city to find out more about this Jesus. The result – the tribe was converted and the 'son' who translated the New Testament into the tribal language then went on to create an organisation called

"Bibles for the world"

See the movie on this story on you tube 'Beyond the next mountain'

I recommend the book and pray that it will impact many for the glory of God.

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