Monday, October 11, 2021

Bible book - Romans


A fresh look at an old book – Romans

Chapters 1 to 6

The people then and now are bound by the culture they live in. So many see no need or hope of change.

This is why the Gospel is so special. It can  lift people out of the culture of idol worship. It can set people free from the deception of humanistic enlightenment. The good news breaks the chains of religion  and reconnects them to the one true and living God.

How does God bring back people to Himself?    By religion – no.    by education – no.    by commerce – no.    by force – no.

Reconciliation to God is by a person – the Lord Jesus Christ.


God could clearly see from history and the heart of humans that reformation and religion doesn't work.  So He sent into the world His own Son.  Through faith in Him, Jesus Christ the Lord, God achieves so much for us.

1     Forgiveness of sins (so many sins listed, that offend the holiness of God).

2     Justification before God (declared right with God because Jesus Christ died for those sins).

3     Accepted by God ( The love of God triumphing over our unworthiness).

4     Granted the gift of eternal life ( The grace of God putting the believer into the family of God).


That brief summary of Romans chapters 1-6, shows what a wonderful Lord God that we have.

Maybe we should all pause and ponder – are we reconciled to God? Do we have eternal life?

John the Apostle put it  so clearly:

"He that has the SON has life, he that has not the SON does not have life."     1  John 5


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