Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Why believe in God?


Why do you believe in God? A good question from a 12year old.

This basic question is full of helpful insight.

Last week I was listening to a prominent scientist describe his atheism – his trust in science leaves him without hope, with no meaning to life and moral values based on humans being nothing more than a bundle of cells!

I would like to present 4 reasons to believe in God:

1.      Evidence

2.      History

3.       Experience

4.      Revelation

When I stop to think about it, it is so difficult to not believe in God.

1.    1  The evidence of what I see and hear and touch and know, directs to one very intelligent creator. I love science , and how every discovery leads to more detail and brilliance. The design, the make up, the sustainability of the finely tuned world around us, shout out that a very intelligent mind created something very special out of nothing.

Considering the extreme detail of DNA , to the extreme majesty of the galaxies and so much in between, only deliberate unbelief can say the is no God.

It is thrilling to read of scientists who became Christians because of their work in science. For example – Hugh Ross, F Collins


2   History is full of people who have interacted with God. So often the narrative of the Bible is punctuated with God using an unwilling person to achieve an outstanding result. Moses is one example – unwilling to go to Egypt, yet through him God gave the world the ten commandments. That code of conduct has changed the world!

David was an insignificant shepherd, yet we are still singing his songs of trust in God, 3000years later.

Jesus lived in relative obscurity, but because of His teaching, His death and resurrection the whole world has been changed for the better. He claimed to be the Son of God and His resurrection validates that claim. More than 500 people saw Jesus after He rose from death. This detail of history brings hope now and forever.

Why did William Wilberforce persist in seeking to abolish slavery? – because God was working in him.

History records God working miracles, God healing sick people, God appearing in visions and dreams etc.


3    Many, many people have experienced God in their lives. Perhaps I will give a little of my experience of God. As a boy, God appeared to me in an unusual, yet visible way – I was afraid. He often spoke to my conscience , that I needed to be saved. Sometimes the words of the Bible came to me like God’s voice. When I gave up trying to please God, and trusted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I experienced a peace that seemed supernatural.

God has so often kept me, heard my requests, that I can only praise Him – not myself or others!

God becomes so real when I take time out to listen to Him. Maybe through something in nature, or what someone else may say, but usually through something from the Bible – I know that God is very near.

And that is what I want for every reader today.


4   Revelation.- the Bible

History records many people having spiritual experiences. Most religions have founders who had spiritual inspiration. It is interesting, yet disappointing to study the origin of religions.

The record of the Bible is sad reading – humans so blest, yet turning away from God, only to be destroyed in their own foolishness. But in spite of this ‘warts and all’ record, God reveals Himself  deliberately and with distinct effect.

Initially God chose to ‘commune’ (communicate, reveal) with Adam in the garden.

The God of glory appeared to Abraham. This revelation changed a family and still affects the world today.

Moses was educated in Egypt, but the revelation of the ‘code of conduct’ given to Israel was ‘something out of this world’ – it was God revealing Himself.

Isaiah the prophet, along with many others communicated the revelation of God. This included denouncing wrong, but better still was God revealing the anticipated Messiah, the Christ. Daniel , by angelic appearances, was able to predict world events.


Finally, Jesus claimed to be the full and final revelation of God. No one has been able to prove Him a liar. He spoke God’s words, He did God the Father’s works. He said:” I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by Me”

He made it possible to know God and be connected to God. This is revelation at its best!

The Holy Spirit continues today to reveal Christ to those that seek Him!


Seek Him today and experience the great joy of knowing God for real.

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