Friday, December 20, 2019

Freedom in a person

Obtaining freedom

I turn away from the disappointing promises of freedom offered by religion, democracy, socialism etc. Rather I am listening to the quiet voice that has echoed through the last two thousand years:
“The truth will set you free”
“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

It is popular to think of all religious prophets intending good and freedom for people. There is some truth is this, but one could study the history of such to see how it has so often failed. Yes I am promoting someone who initiated a new religion. His background was the law of Moses and prophets that followed. But that in itself did not achieve fruitful freedom.

Freedom is in a person.

Two questions must be answered.
1          What is truth?
2          Who is the Son?

The dictionary describes truth as “factual reality”. The word is often used for not being a lie. What then is reality? Many philosophers have pondered this question. One concluded ‘I think therefore I am’ . Well it was the humble teacher from Nazareth who identified reality:
‘to be connected with a transcendent being’ (Transcendent- meaning above all)
Then He made the great claim, not only to be from above, but also to be ‘the way, the truth and the life’.

My summary of truth:
To understand our reality physically and spiritually ,
To understand God as greater, yet interacting with His created beings.
That opens the door to much research, much science, much spiritual enquiry!

Second Question – Who is the Son?
(remembering his claim “if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”)
Please note the word used is ‘son’, not child. ‘Child’ implies parenthood, a beginning. ‘Son’ means representation, relationship. This is the very great claim by the angel Gabriel – the babe to be born of Mary would  be the ‘son of the Highest’ (Luke 1)  Jesus affirmed this claim as He stood before the Jewish court and was asked “are you the son of God” – He answered “I am”  Mark 14
It is in Him that true freedom is found. Believing in Him, following Him, listening to Him, knowing is true freedom.
Freedom from....................................
 Freedom to ..............................................
The Lord Jesus spoke to the religious Jews and identified their religious bondage as coming from the Devil. Many political  systems and religions promise freedom, but most end up being hijacked by the love power, greed for gain, religious bigotry.

The happy outcome of freedom in Jesus Christ as Lord includes the following:
Freedom to know God in heaven as ‘Father’
Freedom to worship God without fear.
Freedom to depend upon the living God
Freedom to speak for Him
Freedom to connect with others of all nations
Freedom from the fear of man
Freedom to love as God loves

Perhaps I need to take this out of religious terminology and see it in real life!
A follower of The Lord Jesus Christ will be enabled by His Spirit to:- motivated by love in all actions joyful in all situations, trusting God who is greater than all. at peace in mind and heart knowing God is working together for good.
.....freedom to be generous to all sorts of people
......freedom to connect with people of varying thoughts and ambitions.
.......freedom to live and serve after the example of Jesus Christ
.........freedom in marriage, in work
..........freedom to respect and honour others irrespective of nationality, religion, caste,  status or wealth.
.............freedom to be poor or to be rich

In conclusion, I seek to show you that freedom is in a person, not politics or religion or wealth or fame. To know HIM, Jesus Christ the Lord is freedom.


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