Monday, December 3, 2018


The voice of rebellion

“The fool has said has said in his heart : ‘there is no god ’ ”

“They say : ‘who hears? ’ ”

This underlying disease is destroying our society and taking many people down to hell. To deny God exists removes the restraint of responsibility to God and His creation. Laws are then framed by what is popular and humans behave like animals without care, without culture and without consideration of final accountability. ( happening in Australia right now).

To deny God as able to hear, is more subtle. Many religious people who maybe believe God exists, behave as if He is weak and does not hear nor take account. Once again the fruit of the tree (acceptance of sin as normal) is evidence of the deeper problem.

The day is coming, when God will judge all humanity by Jesus Christ. The proof of this lies  in the fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.. The present decay of human morals and political responsibility is just as the Bible said it would happen – more evidence that the coming judgment is not far away

Jesus said :  “Watch and be ready” .  He calls to all individuals :

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and will open the door. I will come in to them and will eat with them and they with me”   (Revelation 3.20)

  The opportunity for anyone to believe in Jesus Christ as Savoiur and Lord, remains just as real today as it was when His feet walked the roads of earth. To know Him is the great joy and hope of the Gospel.

John  McKee

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