Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A song in the night, a song in the day

“Let all those who take refuge in you, rejoice”  Psalm 5

Many Psalms express personal troubles and grief. But the reason it has become a song, is the final victory is in the LORD. Trials and stress cause us to cling to God Almighty. Our strength is insufficient. His strength and favour and kindness enables us to overcome.

As we take refuge in Him, we are caused to rejoice.

The Psalm is set in a time of conflict and difficulty. The writer points out another secret to his overcoming.  Each morning he seeks the LORD. He asks that the LORD  prepare and make clear the way. And in the midst of confusing situations, that God will vindicate His own righteousness.
We do well to follow this example – begin the day with God. Let Him take control. And when difficulties persist find answers in God , not self.

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