Sunday, June 24, 2018

Our Great High Priest

The Lord , our Great High Priest and what we have in Him.

Hebrews 4:14, 2:17  7:25   8:6    10:19
In these verses we find what we have in our Priest and what He alone can do.

Life’s greatest joy is to respond to God’s love in praise and worship
Life’s greatest privilege is to walk with God
Life’s greatest opportunity is to serve God.
Life’s greatest comfort is to trust God.

For this to be maintained, we must have the priestly work  (take it for ourselves) of the great High Priest. His work means that we can immediately be restored to fellowship with God, and it makes us fit for worship and praise. It brings us to God and it means that we can be comforted  and restored if we fail. Whenever we are tempted we cannot resist in our own strength, but if we have a genuine heart and desire to overcome it, we can lift up our hearts in faith to our Priest and He will give us grace and strength to overcome. When we have a problem, any problem we can take it to the Lord in prayer. There is not a problem He cannot meet if we fix our eyes and heart on Him, We must in every circumstance come with full assurance of faith and with a willing, humble and genuine heart.

When we are right with God, obedience is done gladly, but when cold in heart it will be a duty. People are not prepared or able to let guilt go. We must confess our sin immediately ( and not save it up till the end of the day) and let all guilt go immediately.
When we pray or worship we are standing in the throne room of heaven and the mighty God of the great universe bends to hear us, weak and frail that we are. If we are to continue in growth and joy, we must find our everything in the Lord Jesus Christ. We must get our eyes fixed on God and look at His glory and love  so as to worship and praise Him.

James McKee

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