Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Proclaiming the Word of God

History records much of Christian endeavour. Some misguided, some with sinster agendas. Some as God intended. Circumstances have varied, affecting the way the messages have been delivered but the fundamental purpose remains -  to   ‘proclaim the word of God’.

Moses consistently said,    “Thus says the Lord”

I survey the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ  -  His primary service was teaching  ‘ the Kingdom of God’.  His kind healings and wonderful miracles, were all helpful, but not His focus.

When I read the Acts of the Apostles,  I discover the servants of God busy taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. After reading the messages recorded,  it is evident that they first declared the true honour of Jesus Christ.  'Jesus of Nazareth who had been crucified, was now risen from the dead and appointed to be the final judge of all people.' Their message was given in accord with the Old Testament writings – Torah and the prophets.
For the general world,  this news was not acceptable. It clashed with their selfish and satanic agendas , and so the persecution of Christians began. The people who did believe the message, found a  life changing message, but with it came the persecution.

Well, nothing much has changed. When the Word of God is made known, people choose God’s way or their own with the same consequences. Sadly , many who claim to be Christians have forsaken proclaiming the ‘word of God’. Praise God that in many other countries the Word of God is proclaimed and millions are finding “peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”  (Romans 5:1).

God has spoken, and it is for us to ‘ hear and believe’.

Better still , we can know Him who is “the Word” – Jesus Christ our Lord (John1)

For anyone who does not have a Bible,  I offer one free.


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