Friday, July 14, 2017


Moses making choices

So much could be said about Moses – the culture of Egypt when he was  a child, his opportunity in Pharaoh’s palace, his mistakes as a young man etc.
I focus this article on one Bible verse that explains so much :-

“ he endured as seeing Him who is invisible”.

Many people only believe in what they can see. Whether it is science or religion, people love tangible and visible evidence. Moses could see in his mind things greater than the possibilities in Egypt. He trusted one greater than the king. He yielded to the voice of God whom he could not see.  His vision of hope was not limited to this world. By means of this perception he made decisions – deciding for Christ, deciding to suffer with God’s people, deciding for the eternal reward.

Much pressure is applied to us to live for the here and now, but God calls us to evaluate all things in the consideration of the life to come. Moses believed in a God who was and is invisible. Yet He is one who rewards all those who seek Him.

Moses refused the fleeting pleasures of sin. Moses refused the fame of an idolatrous king. Moses chose the reproach of belonging to Christ rather than the treasures of Egypt. Moses obeyed the command of God and kept the Passover. Moses prayed to God when things seemed impossible. Moses conquered evil by faith in God.

What choices do I make?

What choices do you make?

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