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Eternal Gospel

The Eternal Gospel

God has been calling to all people in all of history. This call has taken various forms. The call of creation, to worship the unseen creator remains as an opportunity to avoid idolatry by seeking God so great and so generous.

For the Israelites, the call of God was to obey the law given to them through Moses. Their God directed worship and lifestyle was intended to be as a light to the nations (but sadly failed).

At the appropriate time, God sent His Son as the final call of God. This good news for all people has brought light and life to millions who have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. For humanity that is ruined on the inside and attacked from the outside, this is good news indeed. Through Jesus Christ we can be born again ( a fresh start in the family of God), we can know God (through the Holy Spirit) and we are given a hope that penetrates into eternity( acceptance with God and the promise of eternal life).

God communicates this Gospel in many ways :- the voice of an angel, the words of a preacher, dreams, books, Bible reading, etc.
God speaks, and ours is the responsibility to respond.

The title ‘Eternal Gospel’ is found in Revelation 14.6
It is explained as “fearing God, obeying Him, and to give Him the glory”.
“Fearing God”  - to honour His holiness in all that He has done and is doing. ‘To  obey’ the call to repent (turn away from sin).
“Give Him glory” -this applies to many situations, but foremost it  is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as sent by God from heaven. This is the greatest honour we can give to God – to acknowledge God at work in the coming , the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This was the Gospel to Abraham.
This was the Gospel through Isaiah the prophet.
This was the Gospel to the shepherds near Bethlehem.
This was the Gospel preached by the apostles to the nations.
This is the Gospel call today.
This will be the Gospel for all time.

Revelation 14.12  “they keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus”

In a world of many distractions, may we listen for His voice, obey His call, and find our all, in the Eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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