Saturday, June 25, 2016


The duties of a prince   Ezekiel 45

What was the duty of a prince? 

“to make reconciliation for the people of Israel” Ezekiel 45.17

It was indeed the dedicated priests who mediated for the people, to bring them into favour with God by sacrifice. But the prince, the leader was commissioned to lead the people into an attitude of seeking God, to obey God and to worship Him only.

So it is today. A ruler is authorised by God to execute justice and mercy among the people, but also has the responsibility by example and communication to lead the people in the fear of God.
The coronation of queen Elizabeth ll (see it on Youtube) , is an interesting example of the pledge to lead the nation in the fear of God according to the Bible.

The same goes for the leader in a family. It is wrong to engage in the idolatry of marriage and the idolatry of children. God must be given first place by example and teaching. Only then will the children be reconciled to God. 

In our society today many are rightly distressed by moral decay, but the deeper cause is the rejection of God, in particular by the leaders. We need to pray.

Let us remember the Prince of peace, "who gave His life to purchase freedom for everyone"  (1 Timothy 2.6)

J McKee

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