Saturday, May 28, 2016

God's wrath

The appearing of God

I suggest the greatest problem of our day is ‘ indifference’ toward God. So many act as if God does not exist. Other slighting say, ‘where is the promise of His coming?’. Most just live for themselves.

God is slow to anger, plentiful in mercy and in the age of grace, His judgements are not executed speedily. For those who read their Bible and watch world events, it would appear that He will arise very soon to execute justice and judgement, to bring in the  ‘wrath of the Lamb’.

In this twenty first century when human progress should have attained peace and prosperity for the whole world, the very opposite is occurring. God will let unbelief go to its destructive end, and then His judgements will appear. How gloomy to make such predictions. Rather how sure is His justice, how trustworthy are the prophecies of the Lord Jesus! [Matthew 24.30]

Then shall appear the Son of Man in His glory. Then God in Christ will be vindicated as the Holy One. Then will be implemented the rule of the ‘Righteous one’ and all rebellion will be crushed.[Jeremiah 23.5,6]

The Lord said ‘watch, be ready’.

John McKee

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