Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why must He die

The death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

       This most important historical event needs to be evaluated in history, in scripture, in the purpose of God, in its ongoing effect today, in its eternal value etc.

       Some people think about the Lord’s death once a year, others remember His death once a quarter or once a month. I grew up among Christians who spent time at least each week remembering the death of the Saviour. After fifty years regularly remembering, studying the Lord’s death, I find  ‘the well is exceedingly deep and very satisfying’  - I mean that I never weary of meditating on the multifaceted details of the death of the Lord Jesus.

       In this blog I will ask some questions and later give answers.
Note  -  I posted several articles on the ‘cross of Christ’  a year or two back. They should be found in the archives to the right.

   Why did Jesus die if he could have prevented such shameful end?
     Why must his death be executed at the hands of Jews and Gentiles  with        such injustice and torture?
       What does the Bible teach about the three hours of darkness?
         When was his blood shed?
          What sufferings were for atonement?
           Who did he die for?
            Where was he while his body lay  in the tomb?

Enough to start with?????????

Pray that the Holy Spirit will give wisdom to answer accurately  and to the glory of God.

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John McKee

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