Saturday, January 10, 2015

'Take heed how you hear'

A warning from the Master

Luke 8.12  “ The devil comes and steals away the seed”

        The ‘pathway’ in this parable seems to represent the mind and heart that is constantly affected by others. For example- the public media is very good at hardening the conscience. Interacting with shameless sinners has a long term hardening of the heart. The business world with its temptations can sear the conscience. University with its intellectual arrogance often stumbles young people, who like Eve, think they are able to make their own decisions without knowing God.

Let us look at a more specific example:
The Bible says “In the beginning, God created”
The atheist will respond with ‘ there is no God so it just happened’
-The uninstructed mind will not be able to argue, so agrees
- The shallow thinker will say ‘ it doesn’t make any difference to me’
- The distracted heart will say ‘ I have other things to think about’
- The genuine heart will say ‘God says it, I believe it ‘

We have the choice to make – how we hear! 

Recently I listened to a man who sat down with a Bible and the Koran. Although a muslim, he found the Bible was like light from heaven by comparison, and promptly became a Christian.

What do the words of the Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, mean to you?

John McKe

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