Thursday, November 27, 2014

Answering Children's questions

It has been my privilege to teach several classes of children, 'religious instruction', at the local schools.  The following  questions and answers may be  a blessing to others.

"Will the devil take over the world ?"     He has tried, and according to the Bible will try again. Although he is clever in deceiving the nations, the final triumph will be for  the Lord Jesus Christ when He returns to finally destroy the works of the devil. Until then , the Lord waits, to grant time for people to repent of the devil inspired rebellion, so that they might be saved -2 Peter 3

"Do you have a second life?"    Not in the sense of reincarnation, but yes in the sense of life after death.  The Lord Jesus in particular taught about life beyond this present life. He taught about heaven where we can lay up treasure for later. He taught about resurrection, some being raised to life everlasting and others being raised to eternal judgement. He warned of the danger of hell. To the repentant thief He promised to be with him in paradise that day they died.  Much more could be said, but I encourage you to read the Bible yourself and mark the many , many references to the life to come.

To be continued

John McKee

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