Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Which way, which voice, which site??

In these days of information overload, and misinformation overload – where do we turn for truth?

My answer in brief – let your compass in life be the Bible. Many religions claim to go by the Bible, but do they really? Many philosophies outside of the Bible have good appealing features, but what do they achieve of eternal worth? Many Australians just live by their own natural instincts.  Thus confusion reigns supreme in the social world, the religious world, the political world, the educational world ... etc.

The Bible has endured for a long time. It is wonderfully available to many (not all) in our own heart language. Best of all it can be a true compass to guide us if we ask God to show the way. It is not limited to scholars and clerics, but since the Holy Spirit has been sent from God our Father, all may seek and find!
It remains forever a book deeper than the deepest student, yet at the same time a light of truth for the most uneducated. Peter put it so well “ great and precious promises”  along with “things hard to be understood” (2 Peter)

For example:
The Lord Jesus said:
“ whoever believes on Me has eternal life”  John 6.47
This uncomplicated promise of eternal life is for all who sincerely believe in Him – for who he claimed to be – the Son of God from heaven.
So many have believed, have claimed the promise and been blessed. This is not adopting some religion , but rather trusting in a living person.
For the deeper truth, for those who want to know more, a thorough study of the meaning of eternal life will yield a rich reward.

And so I point again to the precious promises of the once crucified, now risen Lord as the means of salvation and blessing. Read the Holy scriptures for yourself  and be among those that have believed. The compass will guide you closer to the Lord Himself, so that you can truely follow Him.

John Mckee

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