Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A short meditation for those who choose to think.

       ‘In Geek philosophy the LOGOS remains an impersonal force, a lifeless abstract philosophical concept that is necessary to understand the cause of order and purpose of the universe. In Hebrew thought the LOGOS is personal. He indeed has the power of unity, coherence  and purpose, but the distinctive point is that the Biblical LOGOS is a he, not an it.’    (R.C. Sproul)

       Remember Genesis 1 – the creation was given order, purpose, coherence by God’s word – ‘God said’  - not just the miracle of it happening, but the wonder of God communicating order into matter, purpose into beings,, unity into diversity.
     The very laws of nature had to be set in place.   The fine tuning of the planet earth for life to prosper, was enacted by the LOGOS.

To say that the detail of nature “just happened” , defies scientific logic and good reason.

       Now read John chapter 1, and discover that the LOGOS (the Word) by whom all things were set in order, became  flesh (a true man) and lived among us!  His name was Jesus!
He who set the worlds in order, came to set in order a new creation, which will finally be revealed when the man who was and is "the Lamb", rules over all things and all people  -  He will be the eternal Light, the eternal LOGOS (Revelation 21,22)

If you understand what has just been written, you will quietly worship.

'The wonder of it it all......................................
      ...................just to think that God loved me'

John McKee 

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