Sunday, March 30, 2014

The final verse of John 14

John 14.31
The Lord Jesus said  “ that the world might know that I love the Father, arise let us go hence” and He went out to face the sufferings of the cross.
                At first glance this final verse in John 14 seems to have little significance. However a thoughtful contemplation brings to light helpful truth. We have learned that the world does not know Christ. The prince of this world has no power over Him. Most people would rather have nothing to do with Him. Yet to the world of people, He had an important message.
1                     His death was not accidental nor a defeat – it was as the Father planned – see Galatians 1.4 NLT.
2                     He was operating according the explicit command of the Father – see John 10.18
3                     His primary motive for going to the cross was out of love for the Father. There were many other purposes involved, as He taught – to destroy the works of the devil, to gather all men unto Himself, to give Himself as a ransom for all  etc etc, but the highest motive is here revealed. ( I think we could learn a lot from this as to our motives).

In what way did the world pick up on this? well should have.
1                      In the garden of prayer, when He was arrested, He said “This is your hour and the power of darkness” Like 22.53
2                            “Thus it must be that the scriptures be fulfilled” Matthew 26.56
3                         Before the court He said “you shall see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of God” Matthew 26.64
4                         To Pilate “ You could have no power at all against Me except it be given you from above” John 19
5                         To the soldiers “Father forgive them” Luke 23.34
6                         To the women  “ The days are coming....................” Luke 23.29
7                         To the thief “Today you will be with me in paradise” Luke 23.43
8                          To all  “ Father into thy hands I commit my spirit” Luke 23 .46
9         Then the unspoken silence of darkness followed by the earthquake, the veil is rent and some of the dead arise from the graves.
Well might on ‘worldly witness’  say “truely this man was the son of God” (Centurion)

The conclusion of John 14 remains the most significant question of all time “ who is this man – Son of God  - doing the will of God? Or is He not????” and so the destiny of all humanity is decided.

I trust that all my readers have received Him for who He claimed to be – ‘the Son of God’

John McKee

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