Wednesday, January 22, 2014

confused ?

Reading the Bible with your memory switched on.

    Many have pointed out the need to read the Bible considering it’s context i.e. not taking statements, without listening to the whole story. Modern media frequently do this and often confusion results.
      My present encouragement is for you to read the Bible stories and think how they fit together. This takes time to become familiar with the Bible, but it is important to compare spiritual things with spiritual. I am not suggesting that only a few select people with secret, superior knowledge can know the truth (Gnostics). All may seek and find.

Let me illustrate why we need to consider the whole story to get the truth of the matter.  At the end of Matthew 25, we have the story of the sheep  and goats being separated, and rewarded according to how they treated the disciples  of the Lord. Many have used this story to insist that we must be out there aiding the poor and deprived of this world. This is of course true, but let us read on into chapter 26. There we find a woman pouring upon the head of Jesus some very costly perfume. The disciples react according to the story in chapter 25 ‘why was not this expense used for the poor’.  So the Lord corrects the problem  by insisting  that the worship of Himself is of greater importance . In fact   He prophesied that her act of honour and faith would accompany the Gospel to the poor – and  it has for 2000years!
     So my Bible study point is this – Read Matthew 26 remembering the story of chapter 25. And read Matthew 25, remembering the story of chapter 26. This is one of the many instances where a seeming contradiction is rather another colour in the rainbow of revealed truth.

Read, remember and enjoy

John McKee

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