Friday, May 10, 2013

An Illustration

John chapter 11 is a beautiful story that illustrates very well the Lords treatment of the law.
Lazarus was an honourable Israelite who under law found himself condemned to death - death being the out come of a broken law - and so he died.      Jesus seemed to deliberately stay away from healing Lazarus so that He might demonstrate the liberating life giving power of His voice. At the grave, Jesus speaks the words 'Lazarus come forth" and His voice is obeyed.  Then comes an almost unnecessary command - "loose him and let him go"  how fitting to my subject of law keeping!

The burden of law observance had descended into a bondage, applied by religious leaders to control the people. The voice of the master resounds among the people -  Loose him and let him go!
We noted in chapter 8 " the Son shall set you free", so now liberty in the truth of Christ is true liberty. Paul confirms this in Galations 5.1
    For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm therefore and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery

John 12  John concludes  the public teaching of the Son of God . What is obvious is the declared point of reference for judgement  - His words. One might have thought that the book of law would be opened at the great white throne, and for the Jews it may well be so, but the Lord indicates that His teaching is the final reference  in judgement for His words are the Word of God.

I apologise for no blogs for a while  - I was in Europe.
John McKee

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