Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The giving of the law

Exodus chapter 20  relates the giving of the law to Moses with Aaron as witness.  Deuteronomy relates the restatement of the law many years later and restated relative to the Israelites going into the Promise land.

So often we read the Bible to see what it has for US. Let us change viewpoint to see what this law reveals about God. (This is important since the God of the New Testament is the same as the God of the Old Testament)

Exodus 20.2  unveils a speaking, acting God whose actions include power and grace. i.e. mightier than the gods of developed Egypt and willing to deliver the unworthy Israelite slaves !

20.3 The gods of human invention are many and ranked in order of significance. The God now speaking to Moses does not rank greatest among many , but rather claims singularity and the only deity.

20.4 God the maker of all things claims distinction from the things He has made,  and being invisible, gives no room for the visible to distract true worship, homage and obedience.

20.5 Not only is this God great and gracious, but able to stand His ground in pre eminence and holiness to the point that rebellion He will personally reward. History is full of just retribution given to God deniers and idolaters.

20.6   Yet in the midst of the righteous wrath of the Almighty shines His brilliant love and mercy to those who fear Him , love Him, obey Him.

20.7 God is represented in His Name, and to use words to dishonour Him is the same as actions of rebellion. Although His judgements are not executed speedily,they are sure  in the end. According to His mercy, He gives time for repentance  (maybe not to angels).

               Now put these truths into the context of 3500 years ago when gods were many and in control of every detail of life. - how different and delightfully liberating to be connected to the Just one, the almighty who was not cruel but pure and loving!!
    I ask you my reader to read and see how the remaining commandments further reveal a trustworthy God.

John McKee

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