Sunday, January 13, 2013


The writings of John the apostle are most significant.
       It has been popular in recent times to promote the Gospel of Mark - short, concise, action packed story of God's servant Jesus. Then so many draw their own conclusions as to who Jesus really was.

The significance of John's writings are several:
1 He was an eye witness  of the life of Jesus.
2 He was a Jew with inside connections  ( giving rise to the conflict between the religion of the Jews and the more open-heartedness of Jesus ).
3 His writings come after years of consideration, years of testing if this is the true Messiah risen from the dead, years of study of the Old Testament and its correlation  with the voice and inspiration of the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven on the day of pentecost.

        John is not so much occupied with the historical  story  -  Matthew, Mark and Luke had  done that well.   John is convinced and would  convince his readers that  Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.     ----  so much convinced that he would die for it !!!

   To read this Gospel is not leaving us to form our  own ill informed assessment of Jesus, but it is an authoritative  statement from one so close to Jesus.  John being led by the Holy Spirit, teaches us who He really was and is.   In the 1st letter of John, he outlines the implications of knowing this truth   -   light.   life.   love.

        So as we begin to read, let us watch out, not  for history, but for the moral glories of the Son of God and the doctrinal implications of knowing who Jesus is.  I trust all my readers know Him as Thomas did  -  "My Lord and my God"

John McKee

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