Sunday, October 28, 2012


Luke brings his record of Jesus to a beautiful conclusion:

If Jesus was truly risen from the dead, then the world would never be the same again - and so it was, and so it is!  His resurrection  vindicates His claim to be the Son of God.  Now by God, He is declared to be Lord and Christ (Messiah).  He is appointed to be the future judge of all. By Him alone is made available justification from guilt and condemnation.
       As He  came to those floundering disciples with His peace and blessing then, so today the living Lord Jesus comes to His own as the risen Shepherd and overseer of their souls.

         The implications for the future are enormous  --  He will gather His followers into the Fathers house, He will come as King of Kings, He will make all things new.....................etc

What should be our reaction?  The Bible as our compass takes us to one place  worship and obedience.
              Luke's record of Jesus concludes with Jesus blessing them as they worshiped Him.  So may we!

J. McKee

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