Saturday, October 18, 2014

thoughts from Acts 11

Acts 11 – Critic or Consolation

        The first part of Acts 11 is a response to critics who were more interested in their own agenda than God’s. They even challenged the leading apostle – Peter.

        How easily we can fall into this trap and criticise others to present ourselves as superior. So many different groups of people major on insignificant detail to distinguish themselves.
These critics missed the point – God was doing something very special – reaching out in mercy and grace to all the people of the world.

        The second part of Acts 11 is very refreshing. God at work in His mission to all the people of the nations.
Believers scattered by persecution began to tell many others the Good News about the Lord Jesus Christ – once crucified, now risen. Independent  of any special persons or special methods, the seed of the word of the Lord sprang to life and a great number turned to the Lord. God then used Barnabas to encourage  the believers to be faithful to the Lord. He did not institute some new religion, but encouraged them to establish their relationship to the Lord Jesus. Barnabas , the great encourager, seeks out a discarded disciple – Saul. Together they move forward for God, with God in conjunction with the Christians at Antioch.

Let us double check our commitment to the Lord Jesus – over and above all other commitments.

Let us be encourager's and evangelists, carrying the good news to those about us.

John McKee

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