Monday, June 14, 2021

Good news


The Gospel – good news

What we want and what God knows we need are quite different.

We live in time, very  much controlled by our sensory feelings. Most  times, we want pleasure , possessions and safety.

God lives in eternity. He understands the causes of evil and chooses to be kind and gracious in the greater reality of relationships that are eternal.

God being eternal, wants to reconnect His creatures with Himself in a harmonious and fruitful relationship – as children with a Father, in the Father's house where holy joy produces songs of praise.


Why then a message about a once dead Jesus Christ? Because God restores relationships with justice and love.

Justice  -  'Jesus Christ died, the just one for the unjust ones to bring us to God ' (1 Peter 3) We are the unjust ones by habit and inclination.

Love   -   Jesus Christ died as the ultimate expression of His great love for us  ( Romans 5:8) ' God showed His great love in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us'

Thus the devastating history of  crucified Jesus, has become good news  of hope, forgiveness, love, peace, joy and eternal life. This is assured by the fact that Jesus rose from death and lives forever more.

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