Monday, August 6, 2018



The church of Laodicea presents a vivid picture of the age in which we live. Luxury living abounds on every hand while souls are dying for want of the Gospel. Christians are wearing crowns instead of bearing a cross. We become more emotionally stirred over sports, politics, and television than we do over Christ.  There is little sense of spiritual need, little longing for true revival. We give the best of our lives to the business world, then turn over the remnants of a wasted career to the Saviour. We cater to our bodies which in a few short years will return to dust. We accumulate instead of forsake, lay up treasures on earth instead of heaven. The general attitude is “ If I don’t pamper myself who will? Let’s get ahead in the world  and give our spare evenings to the Lord.” This is our condition on the eve of Christ’s return.

William MacDonald   “Believers Bible Commentary”

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