Thursday, December 17, 2020

Why did Jesus die for us?


A question so important!

For those who go to church, this should be easy to answer, but many have never been taught the reason why- for them I write.

Jesus was born of Mary. According to the angel Gabriel, He was a perfect baby, given the title by the angel as Son of God. At age 30, He visited John the baptizer at the Jordan river. John affirmed the title Son of God, but added another – “The Lamb of God ,” with this explanation – ‘He would take away the sin of the world.’ You can read this in John chapter 1.

       John knew that sin prevented people knowing God, so he got them to confess, admit, repent of their sins. However, John realised that Jesus could set the people free from their sins, change their bad habits and connect them with God.  To do so He must die for our sin (not die like us, for He had no sin)– sin is like a debt we owe to God – someone pays.  Ignoring God, disobeying His commands, upsets God, offends His justice and someone must take the punishment. ( like upsetting the policeman by breaking the law). Living our own selfish way breaks friendship with God and so we need to be reconciled to God.

      John had learned from his boyhood days, that the way back to God was by a lamb dying in his place. John understood that the wages of sin is death, and for that reason he should die. But now a perfect man, like a precious lamb was appointed to die for us – Jesus the Lamb of God.

Jesus Himself told the people that He would give His life as payment for their sins.

Jesus described us as wandering sheep, but He said He would die for the sheep.

The Lord Jesus told His followers it was necessary for Him to suffer on the cross, so that people could turn back to God and be forgiven.

       Peter summed it up so well – 1Perter 3:18

“Jesus Christ suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that He might bring us to God”


      SO much more was achieved when Jesus Christ the Lord, died on the cross. Keep reading the New Testament and the Old to discover what God has done and will do through Jesus dying for us.

Just now let us say:

‘My sins deserve eternal death, but Jesus died for me.’


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