Sunday, December 13, 2020

What is it like to die?


This important question about death needs more space, but please read and research  the subject for yourself..

I cannot speak much from experience, although I have been seriously electrocuted. I would not be alive if my wife had not turned the power off. I was locked onto the electrical current and every muscle was contracted. However I did not lose consciousness, but unable to release myself I just looked up, waiting to see the gate of heaven. Even though it was painless, it did damage my brain.

The process of dying can be very painful as the body functions shut down. For some, eg dementure, it is not so much pain as it is the loneliness of being disconnected from family and friends.

I have studied ‘near death experiences’ and the evidence is real that life after death is vivid and real. Peter Fenwick (scientist) surveyed  many NDE’s and concluded that mind separates from brain at death, and consciousness continues in another sphere. One relevant point he discovered was the frequent vivid review of one’s life in that dying experience. ‘My descent into death’ by Howard Storm is interesting.

For many people, the trauma of dying is the fear of the unknown!

This is just where being a Christian makes such a difference. The promises of Jesus Christ look beyond death to life with God and others in a state of happiness. Death is certain but need not be hopeless.  Th Lord Jesus said:

“ I give to them eternal life and they will never perish”  (John 10.27)


There are two very joyful things ahead for the believer in Jesus Christ.

1        After death is to be with Christ ‘which is far better’–Philippians 1


2        At the return of Jesus Christ, He will raise up His own people to be body, soul and spirit enjoying eternal life with HIM.- John 5

He described the next life as “seeing His glory”! that will be amazing.

Another Bible verse summarizes dying –

“O death where is your sting

    O grave where is your victory……….

How we thank God, who gives us the victory over sin and death through Jesus Christ our Lord.”  1 Corinthians 15


For those who reject or ignore Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, - death means fear, trauma, crushing memories, darkness – dying without Christ and without hope.

Turn to God today and by faith in Jesus Christ, have the assurance that all is well for eternity. That’s why He died and rose again.


So where is it best to research this subject. Read the book written by someone who knows more than any other – God. The teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ on this subject are extensive and authoritative!

I can provide a copy of my recent study on His teachings on life after death.

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