Tuesday, December 8, 2020

How does God make things


How does God make things?

For us to make things we need raw material, we need design or idea, we need tools and skills etc. This is the basic problem with the ‘big bang ‘ theory -where did the material come from to go ‘bang’?

 Who designed the brilliance of the stars? Who wrote the mathematics of a snowflake symmetry? What tools were used to create DNA? How come atoms bind together to form our finely tuned world?

The very fact that we can ask the question, points to the fact that someone, somewhere, somehow, sometime did a lot of designing, calculating, creating, connecting. When I look into the face of a sunflower I am sure He enjoyed artwork. When I consider the workings of a human being, I can only say – How smart is God!

To me it is most intriguing “how “ God made things. With living things He began with a single cell and wrote into that cell a 3 billion bit information code for that living thing to live , grow, reproduce and communicate etc. Then to be special, the growth was not so much by expansion, but rather by division – each cell splits into two cells!

May I request that you consider closely the ‘evolution’ of hen’s egg from a cell, connected with another  cell forms an egg and after three weeks has ‘evolved’ into a living chicken with chirp, heart, brain etc etc etc

How smart is our God!

John McKee

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