Tuesday, December 1, 2020

A good question


A new question from the children:

What’s the difference between Catholic, Anglican and Christian?

Very simply – Christian was the name given to all the  followers of Jesus Christ, about 2000 years ago. Catholic (Roman Catholic) became a large church organisation when the Emperor Constantine tried to unite Christians under his rule,  and has continued for 1700 years. About 500 years ago, the king of England decided to break away from the Catholic church and is now called the Anglican church.

‘Christian’ today often represents people who want to believe and live by the Bible without so many church traditions that have developed over the centuries. Catholic is a very organised religion with the Pope as head and a large arrangement of sacraments and rituals for acceptance with God.

Anglican often continues with many of the Catholic rituals, but is usually distinguished as protestant in doctrine. That means acceptance with God is based on faith in Jesus Christ as being sufficient .

The many other churches have many and varied differences in doctrine and practices, but generally believe the fundamental belief in Jesus as the Son of God, once crucified for our sins and raised from death , now exalted at God’s right hand in heaven.

Religion can and will change, but Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Trust HIM.

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