Sunday, December 13, 2020

What is the purpose of life?


The purpose of life

I was listening to a debate by two Oxford professors, considering this question – does science explain everything?

The professor of physics, an atheist, indicated that we are nothing more than a well evolved bundle of cells. Life has no meaning , purpose or hope. For him, life beyond this existence is absurd. The professor of mathematics, a Christian, insisted that the universe is so well constructed with its mathematical equations etc, that the evidence points to an intelligent creator.  This means that it was created with a purpose including a purpose for humans. (youtube link available).

On the level of everyday people, is there purpose in rising each day, learning, socialising, suffering, giving, loving, enduring, seeking justice, fulfilling family ?? or is it all meaningless?

Without God and Jesus Christ as Lord, yes all is vanity and meaningless ( check out the frustration of the Bible scientist – Solomon in Ecclesiastes ).

But when we read the narrative of the Bible, all makes sense.

God created: and the wonder, beauty, detail, propagation, of the creation fills our minds with awe and admiration for the one who made all things well.

Sadly the Bible also records the intrusion of rebellion with the devastation that did and does follow.

So what was the original purpose of God for humans?

1         as His representative to rule over the creation.

2         As His special creation to connect with God.


Any observing person knows that these purposes seem distant or lost. Yet they remain relevant today. As stewards of the creation, we should care for it – the animals, the vegetation, the environment etc. Not to worship it as mother of all things, but as deigned for life to flourish.

As spirit capable beings, we should rise above the mundane, to connect and worship the one who is greater than all. This is now possible through Jesus Christ our Lord. Then all the other things will have purpose as well.

May I say to the children who asked this question – you do matter, you are special, made just like God, to know God and to love Him forever!

“Seek the Lord while He may be found, call on Him while He is near”  (Isaiah 55)

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