Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bible prophecy

Jesus in prophecy

From the many, many prophecies about Jesus the Messiah in the Old Testament, I have chosen seven that are important and explained in the New Testament.

Deuteronomy 18
" The LORD your God will raise up to you a prophet, from the midst of you, of your brethren, like to me. To Him you will listen."
What do we learn about the promised Messiah from this prophecy?
1.  God is the one who sends Him (anointed by the Holy Spirit)  -connect John 1:33
2.  He would be like them ( Jesus was the carpenters son)       - connect John1.26
3.  He would be a Hebrew (in the family of Israel)                - connect Matthew 1
4.  His words would be God's words. (He spoke with authority)  -connect John 3:34

Psalm 2 Please read it right through
"You are My Son, this day have I begotten you"
The connection to Jesus is clear in verse 2 – the rejection of the Messiah by Jews and Gentiles.
In verse 6, the expected one is proclaimed  ' the King"
Then finally the LORD present the Messiah as His SON . Jesus is not a child of God. He is the SON of God and that refers to Him as the representative of God in personal fullness.
The Psalm finishes with the exhortation to ' kiss the Son' – why? Because He is worthy of worship. He is the final judge and He can save all who trust in Him.

Psalm 110
" The LORD said unto my Lord, 'Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies you footstool'"
You will notice that God and LORD are interchanged. 'God' is the title of the one who is the Almighty, the Creator over all. 'LORD' is the name of God to show His relationship between God and the people (a little bit like parent and father).
David, in this psalm predicted that his Lord (the Messiah) would be exalted to the highest place in heaven, awaiting final victory over all evil. Also in this psalm, the Messiah is presented as the priest.. The work of a priest was to gain forgiveness of sins for the people in the sight of God.

Isaiah 42.1
"Behold my servant , whom I uphold, Mine elect in whom my soul delights. I have put My Spirit upon Him"
It may seem unusual that the Messiah was call to be a servant. Many people want a leader who is a warrior, a statesman, or an orator . Jesus willingly took the place of a servant – serving God's will and serving other people. His service to people was powerful  because the Holy Spirit enabled Him to do many , many miracles . ( healing the sick, calming the storm, walking on water, raising the dead etc), God said from heaven "in Him I am well pleased".

Isaiah 53
Verse 5 "He was wounded for our transgressions"
Verse 10 " When you make His soul an offering for sin"
This whole chapter is a prophecy of Jesus the Messiah being rejected by the Jewish people. And so it happened.
It also explains  (700 years before it happened) that the suffering and death of Jesus Christ had a greater purpose. Somehow God made Him to suffer in our place. Our sins deserved eternal punishment, but Jesus was wounded for our transgressions and crushed for our sins..... Now God freely forgives all who trust in His Son Jesus.

Daniel 7:13
"One like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven,  and came to the ancient of days.....and there was given to Him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom that all people, nations and languages should serve Him"
This profound vision of Daniel presents the Messiah Jesus as the Son of man who will rule over the whole earth. This has not happened yet, but  when Jesus was being questioned by the Jewish court, He claimed to be that 'Son of Man' who would be given world dominion. (Mark 16:42). We have the opportunity to worship Him now
Zechariah 13:7
"Smite the shepherd"
This prophecy foretells the Messiah as a shepherd – one who cares for others more than for himself. Jesus claimed to be the Good Shepherd, giving His life for the sheep.(John 10). We can become one of His sheep by receiving him, believing in him, trusting him!

There are so many more prophecies which I encourage you to study. I can give you a list if you send me an email.

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