Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Bible - more than History

The Bible – more than history

We might well ask why is the Bible Holy or Sacred? I previously emphasized it as history, and that is important. Now I probe deeper to see why it is different to other history books.

The Bible identifies and explains a God  who is greater than ourselves, creator of all, yet communicating with humans. Through the writings of Moses 3,500 years ago, directions for good living were given. The ten commandments still hold significant moral and spiritual value today among millions of people. Was Moses great ?- not really,  but the teachings were special because Moses said : "'This is what the LORD says" . Moses was communicating God's words.

The prophets were the same – in their historical context they spoke for God. But something makes the Bible more special – it is full of prophetic words. For example, the Prophet Daniel in Babylon prophesied about the wars of Alexander the great and it happened  just as Daniel prophesied. Another example of prophecy :- Jesus prophesied that the beautiful temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed  and so it was in AD70. This goes to  show that God , who knows the future was communicating it to those who would listen.

The most important prophecies were written about the promise of a Messiah (Christ). Isaiah prophesied 700 years  before it happened that Jesus would be born of a virgin, and that is what happened. His virgin mother was Mary. Also Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would be rejected by his own people the Jews – and so it happened. They said 'we will not have this man to reign over us.'

The theme of the Messiah in prophecy, and its fulfilment , joins all the different writings together. Then in the New Testament,  we read the prophecies by Jesus Christ and others as to the present time and the future.

Indeed this is a special book. Next article we will consider the most important question – who Jesus is!


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