Friday, July 3, 2020

New Testament - John 1

Reading John chapter one –  ( I am writing this primarily for migrants.)

The New Testament part of the Bible has four biographies of Jesus .
Matthew presents Jesus as the King. After a special genealogy, it records wise men coming from the East , searching for the baby 'born King. '
Mark records the activity of Jesus as the servant of God and the people.
Luke the doctor collects witness accounts of the perfect man, Jesus.
John gathers some of the evidence that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

In John chapter one, Jesus is given several titles.

'The Word' the Koran also gives Jesus this title.  It means that Jesus is the full and final communication of God to humanity. Not only what He taught, but more who He was and what he did. He is presented as actively living before He was born of the virgin Mary. He was actively creating the world.

'The Light'  His life is described as light illuminating the world. The remainder of John's writing explains this happening in the activity of Jesus, so continue reading  John's writings even if you cannot understand it all.

'The Lamb of God'.  This title for Jesus is special. John the Baptiser identifies the problem of sin. Instead of asking the people to try harder at keeping Moses law, he directs them to look at Jesus and believe in Him for the solution to the problem. Jesus as the sacrificial lamb, is able to take away the sin of the world.

'Son of God' .  We noticed this title was written in Psalm 2. We could read about the angel Gabriel giving the same title to the baby Jesus. In this chapter John the Baptiser identifies Jesus as the Son of God by the descent of the Holy Spirit on Him. John the writer gathers much evidence that this is true.

'Messiah'(Christ)  The Messiah is the Hebrew term for the Saviour promised in the Old Testament. Christ is the Greek word meaning the anointed one.  Jesus was the Prophet predicted by Moses, but Jesus was much more than a prophet as the book written by John records.

In this chapter we read of the joy that filled the heart of Andrew when he said " we have found HIM".. Read on and you too can have the joy and peace that comes through finding and believing in Jesus Christ the Lord.

John McKee

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